Firestone Diamonds says police raided Liqhobong mine offices in Lesotho

Firestone Diamonds plc has confirmed a police raid at its Liqhobong mine site in Lesotho on January 16.

Police officers removed computer equipment from the site despite not having a search warrant or court order, the mining company said in a statement.

There has been no disruption or impact to the operations, Firestone said.

"The company has also confirmed that it is engaging with the Ministry of Police and has met with the Minister of Mines for Lesotho in order to understand the allegations behind the investigation," Firestone says. "The directors of Firestone are not aware of any wrongdoing by the company.

In addition to the Liqhobong mine, Firestone is one of the largest holders of mineral rights in Botswana's diamondiferous kimberlite fields, controlling approximately 5,510 square kilometers including prospecting licenses around the Debswana-owned Orapa mine, as well as the entire Kokong and Tsabong kimberlite fields, and the BK11 operation.