Fiera di Vicenza Launching VICENZAORO The Boutique Show

The new year will see the launch by Fiera di Vicenza of VICENZAORO The Boutique Show, a revolutionary exhibition format developed by the company for the gold and jewelry industries that assembles exhibitors into homogeneous communities, classified by reference values, type of production and purchasing procedures.
The format will be featured twice in 2015, at VICENZAORO January (January 23-28) and VICENZAORO September (September 5-9) and is regarded as a new strategic model on the international trade show scene.
The VICENZAORO The Boutique Show concept was carefully developed following in-depth research carried out by Fiera di Vicenza into the changing production and marketing of jewelry at the global level. The goal was to develop a format that would make it possible to satisfy the dynamic needs of individual buyers, taking into consideration the international demands of the industry.
What was created was an innovative reorganization of the goods on display at the trade show, through the creation of communities made of similar businesses, which can be recognized in terms of reference values, positioning, product type, distribution systems and overall image. A ground-breaking display layout was developed, to enhance the experience of the buyers meeting exhibitors, offering a new and interactive multimedia experience.
Matteo Marzotto, the president of Fiera di Vicenza, said, “VICENZAORO The Boutique Show is a completely new concept on the high-end gold and jewelry trade show scene. It involves a dynamic procedure and an exclusive format that supports us in meeting the challenges of strong competition on a worldwide scale. It also addresses the major transformations occurring both in sales and production systems and at the consumer level.
"This is a project that is completely Made-in-Fiera-di-Vicenza, and is the result of our strong inclination towards innovation, placing ourselves at the service of the industry, listening to what it tells us, and devising the most effective means of moving the market forward on both domestic and international levels. Thanks to this authentic revolution, Fiera di Vicenza is able to present itself as the new trade show benchmark, with a strongly inventive flair and top-level content. In so doing, we have regained our position as an acknowledged and authoritative leader in the international jewelry trade. And, as always, our expertise is closely tied to the creation of new value.”
The VICENZAORO The Boutique Show concept involves a radical rethink about how buyers navigate the exhibition. By dividing exhibitors into communities, taking into consideration design and production trends and requirements of the global marketplace, buyers will more easily identify the most suitable target companies, maximizing their exposure to the specific merchandise, individuals and information that is relevant to each of them. This will make their trade show experience more manageable, efficient, effective and successful. This will be done without compromising on the identity of every single brand.
VICENZAORO The Boutique Show will consists of six main “districts” - Icon, Creation, Look, for jewelry; Essence, featuring diamond, colored gemstones and other precious components; Expression, featuring packaging and visual merchandising and marketing materials; Evolution, highlighting precious metals and their processing technologies.
Each district will feature its own symbolic range of values: Icons: Tradition, Exclusiveness, Unique, Innovative, Recognizable; Creation: Quality, Customized, Private Label, Variety, Creativity; Look: Fashion, Experimentation, Trendy, Elegance, Contamination; Essence: Adaptable, Variety, Reliable, Technique; Expression: Emotion, Forms, Colors, Materials, Original; Evolution: Performance, Innovative, Customized, Flexibility, After-Sales.
For buyers these districts will be connected by “trails,” which will be plotted individually by using multimedia tools, according to individual requirements. Taste and style directions will become a source of inspiration to develop new collections and discover new protagonists active in the international marketplace.
Trend forums will play an important role. These are specific areas in the trade show featuring realistic representation of the latest jewelry trends, to inspire and guide the purchases of buyers and visitors. This is all brought together by a web 2.0-based communication system, allowing all visitors to create customized buyers’ programs that focus on the tastes and needs of their individual reference markets.