EasyShow Offers Tradeshow Solution For Buyers, Sellers And Organizers

A new program aimed at helping diamond and gemstone buyers, sellers and tradeshow organizers work efficiently called EasyShow is set to be launched.
The system has been used successfully in the past by a range of leading global diamond industry organizations to quickly and efficiently match polished diamond buyers and sellers while helping tradeshow organizers to provide a huge advantage to their clients and visitors.
How does EasyShow work? It enables buyers to quickly find the exact diamonds or gemstones they need by pinpointing exhibitors' goods and showing them where the exhibitor is located. Instead of tramping the halls of tradeshows checking tens and scores of booths, EasyShow lets you find the precise stones needed and tells you exactly where to go to find them, enabling visitors/buyers to plan and execute their buying plans in a fraction of the time that has been needed up to now. Advanced search options give buyers the ability to narrow their search for white or colored diamonds or gemstones as well as the precise characteristics, such as carat size, color, clarity and cut.
Not only that, but buyers return to trade fairs using EasyShow because they know they will find the precise diamonds or gemstones using a user-friendly system. And persuading exhibitors to return to the show is made easier since they know their goods can be easily located with just a few clicks.
EasyShow also enables exhibitors and buyers to arrange meetings before the show, further reducing the time needed in looking for goods. And at the show, a barcode displayed on booths means that with one swipe potential buyers can easily check the company's profile and stock.
EasyShow provides a complete solution for tradeshow organizers who can brand themselves more strongly, while adding to the show's professionalism and prestige. The system brings huge added value and an extra income stream.