DTC's Varda Shine speaks at World Diamond Congress on global diamond concerns

Diamond Trading Company (DTC) Chief Executive Officer Varda Shine provided participants at the World Diamond Congress with an overview of some of the issues the DTC is addressing.

Due to the growing importance of new markets in China and India, the DTC, along with other diamond suppliers, are adapting their production outlook and need to look carefully at the requirements of the new markets.

Shine also noted that with Botswana becoming the DTC's global rough sorting and selling center, Southern Africa would become the leading region for rough supplies to the global diamond industry since it was home to many rough diamond producers.

Shine said that the DTC does not view gem-quality synthetic diamonds as a threat to natural diamonds, but emphasized that the detection and proper disclosure of synthetic diamonds were essential for these products to become accepted among the gemstones that are for sale on the market.