De Beers Appoints Walter Hühn as CEO of Element Six

De Beers synthetic diamond maker Element Six has appointed Walter Hühn as its new CEO with effect from March 8.

Hühn is currently Executive Director of Advanced Materials and Technologies and based in Germany. He joined Element Six in 2008 to lead the Advanced Materials Division and became Director of Technologies in 2011.

The firm says that under his leadership, the Technologies business is expanding strongly across all its key markets, and has established a reputation for developing extreme performance application innovations in collaboration with customers.

De Beers Chief Executive Officer Philippe Mellier, Chairman of Element Six, said: "Walter’s strong technological background and established reputation with Element Six’s customers, combined with the company’s world-leading R&D and IP, its manufacturing excellence, and the highest quality and service standards in its industry, mean Element Six is well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities.”

Hühn will divide his time between London and Frankfurt and will be appointed to the De Beers Group Executive Committee.