Botswana posts rise in diamond exports in September

Botswana's exports of both rough and polished diamonds for September 2012 totaled US$304.9 million, significantly higher than the exports of US$95.9 million in August, according to Bank of Botswana data.

The September export figure was close to that of July of US$316.9 million.

However, the country's diamond exports for the third quarter of this year came to just US$717.9 million compared with almost US$1.51 billion for the year-earlier period.

For the first three-quarters of this year, Botswana's exports totaled US$2.73 billion, again considerably lower than exports of US$4.15 billion for the same period of 2011.

The latest data show that Botswana will fall far short of its 2011 diamond exports of close to US$5 billion.

The bank's figures are sourced from the Diamond Trading Company Botswana, Teemane Manufacturing Co., Leo Schachter Botswana, Statistics Botswana, among other sources.