Belgian, Israeli and Indian Diamond Firms Network in China

Diamond companies from Belgium, Israel and India participated in a series of diamond business matching events in three large cities in Southern China during which they networked with Chinese diamond wholesalers, jewelry manufacturers and retailers to increase their exposure to the Chinese market and create new sales opportunities.
During a six-day tour, held during the last week of November, the 14 participating firms, leading diamond exporters and manufacturers in their countries, met with potential diamond buying jewelry manufacturers, retailers, designers and wholesalers in Shenzen, Chengdu and Hangzhou. 
The delegation was led by Dirk Blommaert, formerly of HRD Antwerp, and was co-organized with and supported by the Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE).
"The gem and jewelry markets in these cities [Shenzen, Chengdu and Hangzhou] are growing by double digit percentages year after year and this was a very good opportunity for the participating diamond companies to get a foot in the door," Blommaert said.
The November road show was organized in the wake of previous business matching events for Belgian diamond firms that took place organized ACTYF, which represents Antwerp diamond firms in China. In 2013, Blommaert also organized ACTYF missions to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and China.
"For the November 2013 event, we decided to open up the registration for companies from Israel and India as well. And the partners in are already working on several, new opportunities around the globe for 2014," Blommaert stated.