AWDC Holds Diamond-Financing Seminar At World Economic Forum

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre set up a dedicated diamond-financing seminar the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday which was introduced by Flemish Minister President Geert Bourgeois and attended by representatives of international financial institutions.

The initiative is part of a strategy to inform banks and key players in the financial sector on the specific dynamics and functioning of diamond financing. Just 5% of global financial institutions are involved in the niche market of diamond industry financing.

The seminar provided participants with more information on the strengths of Antwerp as the world’s leading diamond trade hub and the underlying dynamics of the global diamond industry from mine to finger, as well as discussing the future outlook and challenges ahead, especially in terms of sustainable diamond financing for the industry.

The AWDC also gave insights into the growing demand for diamonds as an investment product and presented the initiatives AWDC is undertaking to strengthen this trend.

In addition, ABN-AMRO’s Sabine Smets, Head Belgium D&JC, - International Clients, spoke about the future prospects of diamond financing from a bankers’ perspective, underpinning the importance of profitability and transparency as crucial elements in a changing diamond-financing situation.

The seminar was concluded by a networking event, allowing participants to further discuss the potential of diamond financing.