Antwerp Posts Rise in Polished Exports in April, Down On March

Belgium's exports of polished diamonds last month increased to $1.16 billion from $942.8 million a year earlier, according to figures from the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC). But, they fell 13.3 percent on the March figure.
Exports in volume totaled 533,128 carats from 588,939 carats in April 2012, and were 13.3 percent down on March. The average price per carat jumped to $2,171 from $1,601 in April 2012, which was also 9.9 percent higher than in March.
Exports of rough in April jumped to 11.0 million carats from 8.3 million carats a year before, and rose to $1.53 billion from $1.19 billion in April last year. Exports in April were up 23.4 percent in volume terms on the March figure, and 8.8 percent higher in dollar terms. The average price per carat slipped to $139 from US$144 in April 2012 and was 11.5 percent down on March.
In imports of rough diamonds in April, there was a considerable increase to 8.93 million carats from 6.83 million carats last year, and a rise on a month earlier of 8.6 percent, while jumping to $1.42 billion from $1.03 billion in 2012. Imports were 20.1 percent higher on the month in financial terms. The average price per carat edged up to $159 from $151 in April 2012, and was 10.4 percent up on the March figure.
Imports of polished diamonds were largely down on both the figure for April last year and for March this year.
In volume terms, there was a decline to 584,453 carats from 640,304 carats, but increased to $1.0 billion from $931.2 million. Compared with March, there were declines of 18.9 percent and 20.4 percent, respectively, in carat and financial terms.
The average price per carat increased to $1,727 last month from $1,454 in April 2012, but slipped 1.7 percent on the month-earlier figure.
Belgium's main export markets for its polished diamonds in April were the United States, Hong Kong, Switzerland Israel, and the United Arab Emirates.
Exports to the United States last month rose to $311.6 million from $260.0 million last year, and 80,793 carats from 115,800 carats.
Exports to Hong Kong slipped to $142.5 million from $144.3 million last year, and 72,324 carats in April from 88,326 carats in April 2012.
Caroline De Wolf, Communications Manager AWDC: “In April the figures of the trade in rough diamonds increased as predicted. This is the result of the DTC sight that was scheduled in April. Last year it took place in March. The trade in polished goods increased in value. This is the result of the import and export of high valuable diamonds for the trade fairs in Basel and Hong Kong."

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