Antwerp Diamond Week Off To Strong Start at DDC

Diamond Dealers Club of New York President Reuven Kaufman announced that the first day of trading at the May 5-8 Antwerp Diamond Week was “an unqualified success.”

Close to 100 Belgian and American firms from the Diamond Dealers Club and the Beurs voor Diamanthandel took part in the event on the DDC Trading Floor.

"According to Kaufman, based upon reports of today’s trading, it is anticipated that substantial business will take place between the members of two of the most prominent bourses in the worldwide diamond industry," the DDC said in a statement.

Beurs voor Diamanthandel President Marcel Pruwer said his members were pleased with the turnout at Antwerp Diamond Week and the arrangements put in place by the DDC. He added that the Belgian exchange would be holding a Diamond Dealers Club Week in Antwerp for DDC members.

Pruwer and Kaufman said the event had provided an opportunity for members of both bourses to examine a considerable variety of goods, to trade, to establish new business contacts and to renew long-standing ones.

Kaufman thanked the major sponsors of Antwerp Diamond Week, including the Gemological Institute of America and the Forty Seventh Fifth Company LLC. He further noted that during the next few days participants would be able to meet with representatives of various labs, security institutions and the press.